HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A new poll conducted by Emerson College, The Hill, and Nexstar Media Group shows who’s leading the gubernatorial race and much more.

Leaders with Emerson College say these are just poll numbers which are basically a snapshot of what data currently shows and in the governor’s race in Texas Governor Greg Abbott has a 10 percent lead over Beto O’Rourke.

“Come out and vote, because if we don’t vote we don’t have a voice,” early voter Guadalupe Moreno said.

Several early voters were found at Harlingen City Hall hoping to make a difference.

“It is extremely important for us as citizens to realize the privilege that we have constitutionally to vote in a fair and free election,” Joyce Vano said.

In Texas a key race many are focused on: who will take over the governor’s seat?

“The action of voting in our democracy is essential to our democracy and that voters who vote early end up voting for their entire lives,” Executive Director Emerson College polling Spencer Kimball said.

In the current Emerson/Hill survey, data shows Abbott leading the polls.

52% of voters were more likely to vote for Abbott while 42% would vote for O’Rourke and 4% undecided.

When it comes to favorability 55% of people found Abbott favorable while 45% found O’Rourke favorable.

“Beto, he struggles with his name recognition he has a 45% favorable rating which is really strong in fact that’s the same rating he had a month ago his problem is, his unfavorable rating is over 50% and that’s a really strong threshold to overcome,” Kimball said.

Data also shows that more men would vote republican while more women would vote democratic.

Executive director with Emerson college polling Spencer Kimball says the gender divide is nothing new and happens in voting across the nation.

“What we’re seeing not only in Texas but around the country is a big gender divide and we see this in almost every state the republican leaders are doing better with male voters and democrats are doing better with female voters,” Kimball said.

Many voters shared what key issues they want to see fixed.

“Abortion, the border, schools all that is very important to me,” early voter Maria Banda said.

“I am a Hispanic woman fighting for rights that my brand new great niece will never have in her lifetime that my sister and I have had, that my mother, my grandmother had and my daughter weather she was born male of female it doesn’t matter I fight for all women,” Sara Hinojosa-Parsons said.

Polling experts also say at this time it’s going to be tough for Beto O’Rourke to gain a lead over Abbott.

The numbers and data are just a snapshot of what’s currently happening so things could change in the next couple of days.