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BROWNSVILLE, Texas – Getting around the city of Brownsville has just become a lot easier.

Pedicabs, also known as bicycle taxis, are pedal-powered vehicles that make for easier mode of transportation. Bigger cities around Texas have already adapted to pedicabs. With the growth, the city of Brownsville has seen tourist and residents are now able to get around the city. The co-owner of pedicabs says this service will make it easier to enjoy the sites of downtown Brownsville.

Gilbert Velasquez, Brownsville Pedicab co-owner, “It’s really a nice way to see the city. You see it in a much slower pace and you can get off the pedicab and see the sites. You can travel a short distance without having to take your car.”

While pedicabs makes visiting historical areas in Brownsville easier, it’s also a much more environmentally friendly mode of transportation than driving around in your vehicle.

“This will replace the automobile in downtown for the short driving distances. For tourist and for passengers that are just visiting downtown.” says Velasquez.

With so much history the City of Brownsville has to offer, Gilbert Velasquez says pedicabs are all about being able to share the cities history with residents and tourist visiting the area.

“Our drivers will know the history the buildings and be able to at least educate the tourist, the passengers a little bit more of our city.”

The pedicabs have also teamed up with the Brownsville Historical Association to give a visitor the full experience. The pedicabs are now in service and run Thursday through Saturday in the afternoon until 2:00 a.m.

For more information visit the Pedicab Tours or call the Brownsville Historical Association at 956-541-5560.

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