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The newest school of medicine class is getting ready for the upcoming semester at UTRGV. 

The University is welcoming the class of 2022 during its three week orientation. Our Amy Martinez takes us inside to get a glimpse of the next group of future physicians. 

“I feel like the valley is a place in need of physicians. And so, I wanted to be part of that transition, because I know the med school is fairly new.” Says Siddanth Singh, student.

She is one of the 56 medical students eager to start making a difference in the Rio Grande Valley. 

“The med school offers so many diverse fields for me to explore like shadowing opportunities, so very excited for it.” Siddanth continues.

These chosen few were selected out of more than 4,000 applicants, and from the very beginning the expectations are very high. 

Hannah Garza, another student said, “It’s really exciting to finally get started, but it’s also very nerve wracking. I think it’s just knowing that medical school is really really difficult, so we all have like nerves coming in also.”

Stanley Fisch, associate dean added, “We like to have our students get out early and into the community to get to know the community better, get to know the context in which the patients live and deal with their health issues.”

The select group is made up of 52 Texans, 14 of them with roots in the valley. They also come from different ethnic backgrounds including Hispanic, Asian, African, American, and Asian Indian, and as the school of medicine inches closer to graduating its inaugural class, leaders continue looking towards the future. 

“At some point, the enrollment will begin to increase, as our facilities, our faculty, our capabilities increase.” Said Stanley Fisch.

But until then, the school of medicine will continue its mission to educate the next generation of compassionate physicians. 

The orientation will conclude with the white coat ceremony next Saturday. It will be at the Harlingen CISD Performing Arts Center at 10 a.m. 

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