The U.S. Border Patrol is increasing their holding capacity.

In response to the recent surge of immigrants entering the Rio Grande Valley, Customs and Border Protection has begun to convert the former Gmark warehouse into an extension of the McAllen Border Patrol Station.

About five years ago the 55,000 square foot injection molding facility on the corner of Ursula Ave and Ware Rd. closed down.

When finished it will hold about 1,000 unaccompanied children.

Plans included in the McAllen city permit show there will be four holding pods, each pod containing five cells– which can hold about 50 detainees.

In addition there will be a number of isolation pods for those who are sick.

CBP says they will provide food, medical, hygiene, and child care services at the facility.

In McAllen Monday, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said it’s in an effort to move them through the system faster.

“When we talk about adults with children are building additional detention capacity to turn these people around, it’s something we need to do tis something we are doing as we speak, Johnson said.

Border Patrol officials tell Action 4 News the facility will be up and running by mid-July.

The renovation is projected to cost about $150,000.