New home for Weslaco veteran nears completion

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WESLACO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A U.S. Army veteran will soon be receiving a long-awaited home.

Noe Hernandez was raised in the city of Weslaco and lived in what was his childhood home since he was 6, but was unable to keep up with the repairs.

“The wood you know would start rotting and we didn’t have any means to fix it,” said Hernandez. “The rest of the rooms weren’t livable, the rest of the floors were all messed up, broken up.”

Earlier this year Hernandez said the city of Weslaco deemed the home a fire hazard. He said the city cut off their electricity without any notice.

“Before long they just cut the wires for the electricity and they told us the house was a fire hazard,” said Hernandez. “But heck! They didn’t even tell us.”

Hernandez explained that his brother lived in one room while he lived out in the garage where Hernandez was able to live when before the electricity was cut.

“I was satisfied with staying in the garage I had an air conditioner,” he said. “I had my tv! That’s all that mattered to me, and I had stuff to eat.”

When the community learned of Hernandez’s living situation, different people and organizations stepped in to help demolish and rebuild them a home.

“A.C. Cuellar got involved in this event for Mr. Hernandez and I said you know what? I am going to go see if there’s anything I can do to help out A.C.,” said Richard Peña, Commander of the veteran’s non-profit America’s Last Patrol.

Peña said he was able to gather volunteers that tore down the original house and pulled together other resources to help build a new one.

“It should be done by the end of next month,” said Peña.

At the moment, Hernandez and his brother are living at a hotel until their new home has been completed.

For more information visit America’s Last Patrol or call 956-393-8678.

To donate to the Hernandez’s home rebuild project you can use their GoFundMe link here.

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