Construction of a new FedEx facility in Mercedes is underway as city officials explained the economic impact it will have on the community.

The facility is relocating from another city in the Valley to empty land that was once just covered in orchids, according to Mayor Pro-Tem of Mercedes, Ruben “Chano” Guajardo.

“Once it opens here, the 144 jobs that were in the other community are relocating into the community of Mercedes,” said Guajardo.

On top of the number of people relocating to the city, according to Guajardo, there will be about 31 job openings with a wide range of wages with full-time being at around $24.50 an hour and part-time at around $17.50 an hour.

The project stands on over 100 acres of land, which Mercedes City Manager, Sergio Zavala, said has attracted potential businesses to the area.

“There’s some vacant property on the west side, there’s vacant properties on the north side,” said Zavala. “So those are the properties where our DCM (Development Corporation of Mercedes) executive director certainly received a few prospects at this point.”

Guajardo describes it as the next “go-to place” for businesses to relocate considering its distance to the expressway.

In addition, the mayor pro-tem explained that the upgrade will not affect taxpayers.

“This allows the tax monies to continue to come into our community,” said Guajardo. “Which allows us to deliver more services without impacting our taxpayers.”

Zavala said the FedEx facility is expected to be up and running by this summer.