CBS 4 has learned new details in the case of a former Edinburg police officer charged with tampering with a government document.

According to probable cause affidavits obtained, on May 24, a female identified as Jessica Salinas and officer Armando Celedon, a 15-year veteran of the department, arrived at the Edinburg municipal court and attempted to pay a citation that had been issued to a male identified as Salinas’ husband, Ricardo.

Documents state that a court employee by the name of Graciela Garcia said that she could not accept the payment without a signature and plea from the person issued the citation. Garcia says that she was told by Celedon that the male was in his car. Garcia then asked Celedon if the male could come into the building to which Celedon responded no. Garcia proceeded to giving Celedon a city of Edinburg municipal court authorization form because Celedon said he would give the document to Salinas.

As Celedon walked out of Garcia’s office, Garcia asked Salinas about her husband and Salinas said that he was out of town. Garcia says that Celedon then gave the document to Salinas and she came back a few minutes later with a signature attempting to pay the citation.

Garcia asked Salinas who has signed the form to which Salinas said that she had signed it because Celedon had told her to.

Garcia could not accept the document because it had not been signed by Salinas’ husband, Ricardo. Salinas then proceeded to go and speak with Celedon as Garcia informed City Marshal, Frank Iglesias, of the situation.

Iglesias then spoke to Salinas who told him the same thing she told Garcia- she only signed the document because Celedon had told her to do so.

During a voluntary interview with an Edinburg PD detective, Salinas said that her husband and Celedon has previously spoken about the citation. Salinas went on to say that she went to the municipal court with Celedon where she was informed that she could not pay the citation because her husband was not present. Salinas then stated that Celedon had given her a document, told her to go to her car and sign it even after she was told that she could not pay the citation.

Salinas’ husband then testified that about one week before the incident, he spoke with Celedon and informed him that he was not in town but needed to take care of a citation. Celedon told Ricardo to have his wife go to the court and pay his ticket.

Celedon has since been indefinitely suspended from the department. He was arrainged on July 31 and had a $15,000 bond.