New App: Notifies Parents When Students Get On Bus

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IDEA Public Schools using new app to help you keep track of where your child’s bus is located. (KGBT)

Parents can now track when their students gets on and off the bus. The IDEA Public Schools system is the one of the only districts in The Valley using this technology.

The app is called ‘Here Comes The Bus‘ and once the student is on the bus the app notifies the parent their child is on their way to school.

The student scans their ID card on the buses computer system the app will then notify parents.

The app also notifies parents when the bus is running late and gives them an exact location and an estimated time of arrival.

The IDEA Public Schools wants to emphasize safety this school year and the app is helping them do that.

“We want to make sure that parents have and the ability to know every single step of the way when their children is on the bus and we share that responsibility,” said Carlos Castaneda, Managing Director of Transportation and Warehousing for IDEA.

IDEA wants parents to talk to their child about how to safely ride the bus once on.

Listen to the bus driver at all times, and make sure they are seated safely the entire way to school.

‘Here Comes The Bus’ is available on your smart phone, tablet and computer.

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