BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) – The National Parks Service held its annual Kids to Park Day Saturday. The event is held on the third Saturday in May in an effort to educate more children about our nation’s parks.

Brownsville is home to several national historical parks including the Palo Alto Battlefield and the Resaca de la Palma Battlefield which hosted the event.

Maribel Chapa is a Brownsville resident and wanted to educate her niece and nephew about what is in their own back yard.

“I am a little bit more involved I want to get my niece and nephew more involved, so they know about the wonderful sights that we have out here,” Chapa said. “I believe that it is very important that history is taught to our children who grew up here so that they have that knowledge and that pride of where they come from.”

While some enjoy the open space of the Resaca de la Palma Battlefield, Park Rangers tell ValleyCentral many locals in Brownsville are not aware of the national parks the city holds and the history behind them.

“This unit is right here in the city, where people can just come out here and enjoy the outdoor and learn more about Palo Alto,” said Oralia Fernandez, Park Superintendent.

“This is the beginning of the U.S – Mexico War this took place here this is the war that shaped North America and who controlled the American Southwest,” said Justin Robinson, Park Ranger.

But the battlefield is not just an epicenter of national history, it is also a hub for all types of wildlife.

“This is a big birding sight in the world, because there is a lot of people who are trying to see all the birds they can see and there are some that you can only see in this area,” said Park Ranger Karen Weaver. “That is a new thing that we are pushing this year is bird watching.”

As the summer season is set to begin, there is hope more people and their children will come out to appreciate the history and nature Brownsville holds.

“Just come out here be more aware, hopefully more flyers and events will happen and just give it at try it is beautiful,” Chapa said.

The National Parks Service will begin hosting Ranger walk throughs of the national parks to the public. Those events are set to start in June.