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Almost forty years ago, a horse kicked a wall in a hacienda in Mexico City, revealing a car that was believed to be of large significance. 

A highly unique bus-like vehicle from a by-gone era, but is it just a souvenir of the past, or it something bigger?

“They were at that property for quite some time and then all of a sudden the foreman comes up to them very excited and he comes to the owner and he says we found something that’s incredible,” said Eugene Fernandez, Commissioner of Cameron County Historical Commission. 

The property owner became investigating and came up with a clue linking the origin of the vehicle to the inner circle of the elitist regime of Mexico’s turn-of-the-century President/Dictator, Don Porfirio Diaz, who began his crusade for Mexico in Brownsville.

“The person who had the Hacienda before this was linked in a legal way with him so hence the supposition was made,” Fernandez said, who’s great grandfather was close friends with Diaz. 

After the vehicle made its way in Brownsville, it was given a closer look, starting with considering the thirty-year regime of Pres. Diaz and studying the engineering features of the car.

Including unique advancements that were not invented yet, making some historians and car experts doubt that it belonged to the longtime Mexican leader, but rather, another president of our neighboring country. 
“Who was in power in 1926? Plutarco Elías Calles and that is a whole different story,” Fernandez said. 

“It’s a state vehicle there is no public conveyance that this was a bus that would have these kind of features you have the crystal partitions, you have the spot for the chauffeur and a mechanic, you have the leather work inside,” he said. 

While experts believe the automobile is presidential, how it arrived in Mexico, the year it was built, and which person or president it belongs to will likely always be a mystery.

The company that produces vehicles of this kind, MAN, has no record at all of this vehicle every being built. 

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