SAN BENITO, Texas — On historic Robertson Street, there are some businesses that are open and welcoming customers, while some are vacant buildings with windows boarded shut.

Store owners and native residents said they are trying to change the image of downtown and revitalize it back to its former glory.

“My roots are embedded here and that’s all there is to it, I mean I love this community,” said Norma Boland, a vendor inside a store called The Shop With a Little Bit of Everything.

The Shop With a Little Bit of Everything, owned by Iris Garcia, hosts San Benito’s Market Days in an effort to bring the community together, according to Garcia.

“I actually had someone make that comment to me that if we’re not careful we may lose San Benito, and that startled me,” said Garcia.

Garcia’s storefront was passed onto her by her late father-in-law and said it pains her to see the boarded-up buildings along historic Robertson Street.

In 2019, Garcia founded Market Days with the help of over 20 vendors and the city of San Benito.

“We will help with anything going on downtown but our main efforts right now are to revitalize this street. We want to clean it up and we want to do anything that we can,” said Boland. “We joined forces with her and we started market days.”

The goal is to get more people encouraged to come to San Benito and strengthen the bond of the community, according to Garcia.

“Not just ourselves here, it’s not just about the shop with a little bit of everything, our hearts are all over this town,” said Garcia.

Market Days take place on the 3rd Saturday of every month and the next one will take place on Dec. 18.

You can find more about San Benito Market Days here.