BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) – SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk has promised the communities surrounding Starbase, the Boca Chica testing site, a Starship prototype for display.

A Starship prototype may be landing at the Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport soon.

Musk made the promise to “send one over” Monday afternoon on Twitter after a discussion with his followers.

Twitter user SPadre made the suggestion to have a Starship on display for fans on South Padre Island. The suggestion was made in response to a photo of the three Starship prototypes standing at the Starbase manufacturing site.

Musk’s promptly responded. “If South Padre and/or Bornwsville would like a Starship prototype, we can send one over.” He then suggested the Brownsville South Padre Island Internation Airport “since that serves both communities.”

The airport said they were ready for it and suggested their Starship Road as a “great location to display [a Starship].”

Musk nonchalantly responded, “Sounds good, we will send one over.”

Interim Assistant Director of Aviation at the airport, Francisco Partida told ValleyCentral that a Starship donation seems very likely.

“We will definitely reach out to the Starbase team and see what the next steps will be for that,” said Partida.

Starship SN15 made a historic successful landing in early May 2021 and was then moved to the Starbase manufacturing facility where it was later joined by SN16, a prototype that was never launched. Over the weekend another Starship, reportedly SN22, joined SN15 and 16.

It is unknown which Starship will be donated for display.