The Hidalgo County Health Department is confirming seven additional cases of the mumps and they are trying to prevent even more after another case at a local university. 

The University of Texas of the Rio Grande Valley confirmed that one library staff member at the Edinburg campus was diagnosed with the mumps sometime between April 11 and April 19. 

“Our current situation with mumps has gotten interesting because we got more laboratory tests back,” says Eddie Olivarez, Chief Administrative Officer with the Hidalgo County Health Department. 

Right now, 26 cases of mumps are under investigation in the county, two on the UTRGV Edinburg campus. 

“We are working with UTRGV and other community partners in dealing with vaccinations. So we’re working with our physicians in vaccinations as well,” Olivarez said. 

Of those 26, 13 have been confirmed 100 percent to be the virus. 

Two weeks ago, there were only six. 

“Education is what goes the longest here. Educating folks and treating people symptomatically and reminding them that vaccinating their kids and adults, if they need to be re-vaccinated and in high risk groups, then that’s the way to go,” said Robert Martinez, a Chief Medical Officer with the Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance. 

DHR is asking the public to stay vigilant. 

“I think we need to be smart about using universal precautions and just being careful not to spread germs,” Martinez said. 

They want people to know, if they’re feeling ill, it’s best to see a doctor right away and vaccinations are key. 

“Any time somebody’s just not feeling really well, they’re not eating, they’re not drinking, that’s really when we start to get concerned,” Martinez said. 

Making sure that that number doesn’t spike any higher in the Valley. 

“Certainly there’s many, many products that help us do that. But more than anything it’s just being aware,” Martinez said. 

The Hidalgo County Health Department said they’re working on combating the issue through a push for the MMR vaccination.