HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and Sgt. Sal Carmona with the Harlingen Police Department gives safety tips for drivers as well as motorcyclists.

Sgt. Carmona says the three most common situations where motorcycles are not visible are the A-frame, the little pillar by the windshield, the placard hanging from the rear-view mirror, and the blindspot behind the driver.

“Motorcyclists are aware of these common areas but the motor community is not. So we’re asking drivers to think twice and look twice for motorcyclists. Be aware that we’re out there and drive slow. You don’t want to crowd a motorcyclist while you’re approaching one. You don’t want to change lanes quickly in front of a motorcyclist. Because that could throw up some debris and cause them to crash,” said Carmona.

Another tip for motorists is distractions. Focus only on your driving. No phones, eating, applying make-up, or just speeding because we are in a hurry.

And for the bike riders?

“Assume that person [driver] doesn’t see you and always drive defensively, keep that in mind and you can arrive alive to your destination,” he said.

Lastly, the Harlingen PD will have a ‘Click It or Ticket It’ campaign on May 22 to stress the importance of wearing your seatbelt.

“Make note that if you don’t wear the seatbelt in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, in other words, you put it underneath your arm because it bothers you, then you’re not wearing it at all and you can still be cited for that. Everyone in the vehicle has to be secured with a seatbelt and make sure everyone has their seatbelt because you’re the driver. You’re the one responsible,” said Carmona.