More than 150 endangered sea turtles have been rescued thanks to the collaborative efforts of Sea Turtle Inc. volunteers and Texas Game Wardens. 

Dozens of turtles washed up on the shores of the Laguna Madre and Boca Chica Beach following a strong cold front over the weekend. 

“When the air temperature gets very low, the bay temperatures start to drop very quickly because the bay is a shallow body of water. When that happens, the turtles can go into a state of shock,” said Assistant Curator Kat Lillie with Sea Turtle Inc. 

The cold water temperatures stunned the turtles, leaving them unable to swim. 

Lillie said the sea turtles play a vital role in the environment, but their population is rapidly declining.  

“They keep our sea grass beds healthy and sea grass beds are important habitats for a lot of the game fish that we eat, so having healthier sea grass beds means healthier game fish. So, sea turtles are a big part of the ecosystem,” said Lillie. 

Most of the sea turtles are expected to be released as early as Thursday.