After letting go of more than 900 employees in the lower Rio Grande Valley earlier this year, the Southwest Key Programs is now having several job fairs in Brownsville.

“We saw it on Facebook me and my friend yesterday,” said Ace Garza, who is among the dozens of people attending the first of five jobs fairs taking place in December and January 

“I’m not working full time, so I decided to come here and apply, hopefully get hired and get a full-time job,” Garza said. 

This is not the first time Southwest Key, which houses unaccompanied minors, has heavily advertised for jobs.

“We had over 3,000 kids that we were serving at the time and when we began to advertise for hiring we did it with the best of our intentions. The government needed all these beds, they asked us to set up for kids and so we did and in that process we advertised and all these people applied for jobs,” said Juan Sanchez, founder of Southwest Key Programs after the massive layoffs in May. 

He blamed the cuts on the current administration’s immigration policies.

“So as the government has made these cuts across the country, what do we do?” he said. 

Which could leave hopeful employees without job security. 

“If it happens again we’ll just have to apply elsewhere,” Garza said. 

It is unclear if a predicted influx of unaccompanied minors is the reason behind the several job fairs, as immigration apprehensions are at the lowest in years.

If Garza is hired, just to be laid off, he is optimistic. 

“This will help out on the resume, one more to add on the resume,” he said. 

News Center 23 reached out to Southwest Key for comment and have not heard back yet.