PORT ISABEL, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The search for the missing baby in Cameron County ended with no human remains being found and questions left unanswered.

On March 22, authorities in Cameron County reported that a baby was missing and that both parents had been arrested.

Zachary D. DelaRosa and Susanne J. Pierce were identified as the parents and were charged with injury to a child and abuse of corpse, respectively.

Pierce said she gave birth to the baby, identified as Malaki, on March 8, 2022. She claims Malaki died “peacefully in my arms” on March 9, 2022.

An extensive search ensued for the body of the child. Authorities said they were receiving conflicting stories from the parents.

A friend of the couple, Cathy Laferty, recalled the moments before the baby’s disappearance during a previous interview with CBS 4.

Laferty recounted the moments she told investigators and De La Rosa to call 911. Hours after the panicked call, Laferty was sent a photo of baby Malaki. De La Rosa did not heed the advice to call 911 because according to Laferty’s statement, the couple wanted to obtain a Swiss birth certificate.

The couple, according to Constable Esquivel followed conspiracy theories online. “They truly believe, in their mind that CPS is sex trafficking children and that us, law enforcement, is allowing them to do that.”

During the search for Malaki, investigators did find clothing and a diaper near a shallow grave. According to an arrest warrant, a grand departure from Pierce implies the baby disappeared when she took him to the old causeway to see the dolphins and pelicans.

“We’re thinking like Man, this is it,” exclaimed Constable Norma Esquivel. “A blue baby hat was there, torn apart looked like it had been chewed on by wildlife or coyotes in the area. Then about further 10 feet from the hole, we found a baby diaper that was ripped apart and chewed up pieces.”

It was an undisclosed amount of time later, that investigators found a shallow grave with coyote tracks and articles of clothing matching the description of what Baby Malaki was wearing.

According to the report, De La Rosa “indicated that the baby stopped breathing and he tried to do CPR for approximately two hours and was unsuccessful at reviving the child.”

The report further stated, that De La Rosa “passed out and when he woke up, Susanne and the baby were gone.” Adding, he felt that it was his fault that the baby died because he had not called EMS.

The case is complicated according to Esquivel because Pierce and De La Rosa have lied before.

Pierce claims she has evidence to prove the baby died peacefully. Laferty bonded Pierce out of jail claiming she was dying in prison from terrible conditions and losing a significant amount of weight.

Multiple attempts to speak with Pierce and Laferty in person were made, our request was not returned.