Opponents of the healthcare district proposition are concerned about the locations of some early voting sites. 

Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance, Rio Grande Regional Hospital, Mission Regional Hospital, and South Texas Health System facilities will all serve as mobile polling sites during the early voting period.

According to campaign finance reports, the four medical organizations also gave thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to Healthy Hidalgo, a political action committee supporting the healthcare district proposition on the ballot this election.

“We want a fair election. To me, it’s a conflict of interest because that’s what they’ve got their eyes on,” said Fern McClaugherty, an opponent of the healthcare district proposition and a member of the Objective Watchers of the Legal System.

Hidalgo County Elections Administrator Yvonne Ramon said there’s nothing in election code that requires polling locations to be held at neutral sites.

“We never look at who is on the ballot or what’s on the ballot. What is important to us is the voter. Where are our voters? How long, how far do they have to travel?” Ramon said adding that careful consideration is given before a polling location is selected.

The hospitals have served as polling locations for the past four years and Ramon told CBS 4 News that moving them could cause confusion for voters.