SAN JUAN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — On the corner of busy intersections in the city of San Juan, red and blue flashing lights with a sign that reads police on the side can be visibly seen from miles away.

The unit is called the rapid deployment camera and is a solar-powered security camera able to function anywhere there is a cellular signal, only requiring solar energy. 

The original purpose of these units was to be used at public events, but city manager Ben Arjona says the police department discovered using these mobile cameras lowered crime where they were deployed. 

The department currently has them on corners of busy roads but will soon start placing them in neighborhoods in hopes of slowing down speeding vehicles and putting an end to illegal trash dumping.

San Juan residents are hoping these mobile cameras will be placed in their neighborhoods to make criminals think twice. 

The city currently has two units that were purchased through a grant provided by the department of homeland security and are planning on purchasing more very soon.