MISSION, Texas (ValleyCentral) – A resident in Mission is frustrated after she says the tap water in her home has had a bad smell and taste for the last month.

Mary Jane Lopez tells ValleyCentral her water tastes like dirt and wants to know what is causing it.

“This is the first time I have tasted the water that bad, and it stunk it tasted ugly and it didn’t look brown or anything because I poured it in my glass and there was no color,” Lopez said. “But there was a smell and taste, so obviously there is something wrong.”

Lopez has complained to her utility company Agua Sud and was told others have been dealing with the same issue. But Lopez wants to have her water back to normal and says she is concerned about how it may impact the health of her special needs daughter.

“ For her health and our health as well and like everybody else not just for us what were we drinking,” Lopez said. ” Sometimes I use it in my food when I cook, I depend on them to have it clean I depend on it to be drinkable.”

ValleyCentral has reached out to the General Manager of Agua Sud but they did not return our request for information on what may be causing this water issue.

In the meantime, Lopez is only relying on bottled water and hopes the water won’t have a bad taste and smell anymore.

“It should be clean I shouldn’t worry about it, it shouldn’t be a concern to a parent,” Lopez said.