The Mission Police Department is doing what it can to respond to emergency calls efficiently and that means acknowledging the needs of those with mental health issues.

“We saw a great increase in our population, especially that population with behavioral issues,” says Mission Police Chief Robert Dominguez. “It’s basically your loved one’s name, address, date of birth, the condition he or she suffers from, the medication they’re currently on, the doctor that they’re seeing, and the mental facility that you’ve used before and would want to use in the future.”

The police department’s Behavioral Health Awareness Initiative aims to create a database that provides responding officers with information on registered members of the community, providing access to their history and gives them a better idea of what’s needed.

“This program is designed to basically get information regarding a family’s loved one that suffers from behavioral issues,” Dominguez said.

Created back in May, Chief Dominguez says they have had 16 or so families register with the program and hopes that number continues to rise.

“That information is entered into our laptop system to the responding officer. That’s where it becomes important for that officer to have that information before he arrives on scene so we can know exactly what he’s going to be dealing with and the individual person he’s dealing with and the conditions of this person,” he said.

The questionnaire to participate in the program can be found on the Mission Police Department’s website by clicking here  or can be filled out in person with their Crime Victims Liaison.