MISSION, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Mission Police Department is stepping up its training to respond to active shooters at schools.

While MPD has conducted active shooter trainings before the Uvalde mass shooting, the department is now retraining its officers with newly certified staff.

“The really important part of law enforcement responding to active shooters is understanding how civilians respond to active shooters when it is happening,” said Matthew Fernuik, an investigator with the Mission Police Department.

Fernuik is one of the instructors in charge of the active shooter trainings.

He told ValleyCentral the department wants to make sure it is prepared if the unthinkable were to happen.

“I have an emotional investment because I live in the city, I have children that go to school here, I want to teach these officers and the civilians and the community how to respond to these shootings, how to do it and for them to feel in a safe environment,” Fernuik said.

The training consists of classroom instruction followed by officers responding to real-life simulations inside a school.

Mission Police is also in constant contact with area school districts to be better prepared.

“Today we are here with IDEA,” Arturo Flores, Public Information Officer for MPD said. “They lent us this school this is where we are going to be training. Sharyland is next, then Mission so we are making contact with all the schools.”

While there were only a handful of officers present at Tuesday’s training, MPD will expand this learning experience.

“We want to refresh all our officers with the active shooter training,” Flores said. “We are going to be training all of our 200 officers in the department.”

The hope for these officers is to never use this training.

However, MPD says they are prepared to respond to an active shooter if they have to, and don’t want any of its residents to feel in danger at school or anywhere else.

“We will respond correctly and accurately and that they are safe if something like this happens,” Fernuik said. “We are not going to wait outside of a door, we are not going to wait we are going to go in and engage this threat.”

Mission Police will also hold an active shooter training for the public at 9 a.m. Wednesday. The training will take place at Speer Memorial Library.