Mission neighborhood asks mayor for drainage improvements after floods ruin their homes

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Note: Maria Mendez’s interview was translated from Spanish to English

MISSION, Texas (KVEO) —On Friday, the residents of El Valle Subdivision held a meeting with the Mission Mayor and county officials to discuss flooding issues.

Around 50 residents attended the Mission City Hall and expressed their concerns about illegal dumping and the increased flooding.

“My kitchen sunk because it was flooded with water,” said Maria Mendez, a resident at El Valle Subdivision.

Mendez said the rains this past weekend were enough to make a waist-deep flood in their community.

“I have lived there for 12 years and there are people who have lived there for more than 20 years and have never seen something like this happen before,” said Mendez.

The city said that they had to bring out pumps to drain the overflow of water from a nearby drainage system.

Mayor Armando O’Caña said the reason for the flooding was because one of Hidalgo County’s drainage outlets was overflowed, causing the Mission lateral drain to flood into El Valle Subdivision.

“I can do the improvements inside the neighborhood, but the water has to flow into the county’s system,” said O’Caña.

When KVEO asked O’Caña when residents can realistically expect real improvements he said:

Well, this project out of the 72, is ranked number two. They informed us that the widening of the outlet won’t start until September, and it should be finished by March of 2022.

Dr. Armando O’Caña, Mayor of the city of Mission

The city’s engineer explained that the plans are to widen this neighborhoods drainage outlet.

“What’s going to help immediately is the expansion of the Mission lateral,” said Juan Pablo Terrazas, the City of Mission’s engineer.

Terrazas explained that the subdivision sits on a lower incline and when rainwater overflows it will go towards residents’ homes.

“Everything flows obviously to the drain ditch—that Mission lateral—and so adjacent to the Mission lateral is El Valle Subdivision, which is a low area,” said Terrazas.

Though residents said they are hopeful for improvement, some do not know what to expect.

“We have just a little more hope, we are not 100 percent confident, but we are starting to have a little more confidence that the city will help us,” said Mendez.

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