MISSION, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Mission mayoral race is just around the corner and it is one of the biggest races happening in the Rio Grande Valley.

Victor Anzaldua, one of the youngest candidates, said he has always dreamed of becoming mayor of the city of Mission one day.

According to Anzaldua, his passion and curiosity for what was happening in his hometown started at the age of six.

“I always told my father, ‘Dad, why are there so many problems? Who’s the one in charge of fixing them?’ and he said ‘It’s the mayor’,” said Anzaldua.

Anzaldua said he understands he is young but feels qualified in making the city better for everyone economically. 

“Bring new things, new businesses but also focus on the businesses that we have now,” said Anzaldua. “I am not only focusing on the younger generation but the older generation as well.”

Candidate Norie Gonzalez Garza is the only woman running for mayor and hopes to inspire more women to do the same. 

“It is important for our women to step up and take these leadership roles,” she said. 

According to Gonzalez Garza, some of her priorities are decreasing tax rates and drainage issues. 

“We do have some identified projects already that just need​​ to be financed, we need to get the funds to get those projects going,” she said. 

Former Mission Mayor Beto Salinas said he decided to run again to continue improving the economy and bring back what he considers a good reputation for the city of Mission. 

“Four more years, that’s all I want, I don’t want to do anymore but I want to be able to get somebody in the next four years in my term to be able, to be honest, and do what is right,” said Salinas. 

Four years ago, Salinas lost his seat to Armando O’Caña and then sued O’Caña over the election results

A judge found evidence that O’Caña’s campaign was involved in a conspiracy to bribe voters and manipulate mail-in ballots. 

O’Caña appealed to the 13th Court of Appeals which sided with O’Caña. Salinas sent the case to be reviewed by the Texas Supreme Court, which denied to review the decision. O’Caña has served as mayor since June 2018.

Despite the judge’s ruling, Mayor O’Caña said any bribery speculations are untrue.

“I’ve never taken any bribes and I haven’t bribed anybody either, the FBI has not contacted me and if they have an investigation on me I would think that I would be interviewed but that has not happened. 

Mayor O’Caña said if re-elected he will continue working to complete projects he has started while in office.

“Normally a project is completed in a mean of four years or five years so that’s why I am asking for four more years,” said Mayor O’Caña. “We are looking at public safety, we are looking at economic development, we are looking at drainage projects, all of them intertwine with themselves.” 

Election Day is Saturday, May 7. Click here for a list of voting locations near you.