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Mission man walks along expressway with cross on his shoulder

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MISSION, Texas — If you drive along Expressway 83 you may have noticed something different.

A man walking against traffic.

His name is Zachary Smith and has made it a goal to get Rio Grande Valley residents to become more faithful.

“I don’t represent a church , I don’t represent my self, I represent Jesus,” expressed Smith.

Carrying a 40 pound cross on his shoulder, this man of faith has been making his way across the Valley.

“Right now, with everything that’s going on in the world what better time than now to get out in the streets and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” he said.

Smith told KVEO he walks from Mission to Brownsville and back every day along the expressway’s shoulder. He said walking against traffic has caught many drivers’ attention, something he likes.

“I am grateful for everyone in the Rio Grande Valley that has stopped and given me water, given me food, offering, and has prayed for me. I’m just thankful God is raising up an army here in the Rio Grande Valley,” said Smith.

While some are honking at him others are pulling over to pray with him.

The RGV native was raised in Dallas and believes God brought him back to the area with a purpose.

“I want to go to the Mexico side from Matamoros to Reynosa ’cause I’m claiming the
Rio Grande Valley,” he said.

Smith hopes to encourage people to be more faithful when they see the cross.

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