MISSION, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Mission Firefighter Association wrote a letter to Mission city officials asking for more resources and support.

Mike Silva, the president of the association, said he spoke on behalf of other Mission firefighters who want more resources.

“This is something that has been tried and addressed four years ago,” said Silva. “We’ve had meetings, numerous meetings, this letter was addressed because we had enough.”

The letter addresses seven items including more resources, funding, and training. The group is also asking for more support for the fire-based EMS services.

The city’s records show a total of 31 calls to the city’s contracted EMS provider, MedCare EMS, they could not respond to. This is due to a lack of ambulances or resources available.

The fire department was named the city’s secondary EMS service in 2021 and received its first ambulance in January.

Silva now hopes the fire-based ems service will be operational soon.

“Private company we’ve had for 25 years, but it’s time that we made that change because there are times that we don’t have units available and it’s not fair to our citizens of Mission to not provide that service,” said Silva. “We are still in the midst of providing better equipment and implementing the protocols, the licensing, the hiring of staff, and we are still on supplies we need to be fully operational.”

Mayor Armando O’Caña responded to the letter from the association saying, “Thank you for your false, misinformed letter and very biased letter. I would like to request a meeting with your association members so I can clearly explain my stand.”

Since receiving the response, Silva said O’Caña has not met with the association.

On Tuesday, Mayor O’Caña was not available for an interview but did send a statement saying there is enough funding for the city’s fire department. 

“Yes absolutely, the Mission Fire Department currently has an annual operating budget of $8.8 million.”

Another item in the letter addressed the city’s 6th fire station not yet built four years after its groundbreaking, according to Silva.

“The city continues to grow population has shown that the city is growing, we are on the rise, there’s a project down south military road that will have lots of homes that will require a fire station,” said Silva.

O’Caña states the contract for Station 6 has been awarded and the city of Mission is currently executing the agreements to start construction.

Another item on the list was the case of Homer Salinas, a former Mission firefighter being sued by the city’s insurer who received worker’s compensation due to cancer.

O’Caña said the trial date is set for June 1.