Mission family wins another legal decision in property dispute

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February 07 2021 06:00 pm

MISSION, Texas — The Reyes family won a decision last month granting them a temporary restraining order allowing them to tear down a barbed wire fence and now that order is permanent.

Jesse Villalobos, Reyes Family attorney, The gentleman who put up the fence last time is now completely prohibited from ever putting up that fence, from stepping on that property or from doing anything whatsoever to go out there and harass those individuals.

The Reyes family’s legal victories come after a dispute with the seller of a property after he attempted to take back an adjacent piece of land being purchased by the family. To purchase the property the family used a notary public to draft the contract.

Attorney Jesse Villalobos says people should not being using a notary public for legal advice and believe people have a misconception that a notary public here in the U.S. is the same as in Mexico.

In Mexico a notario publico, that’s an actual position that is very highly trained and highly educated you have to be a lawyer and essentially even higher than a judge.

Villalobs says the only authority a notary public has in the U.S. is to witness a signature but say there are notaries who target less educated individuals provide them with legal assistance.

Villalobos adds he has seen families like the Reyes’ lose tens of thousands of dollars because a contract won’t hold up in court and says he hopes this case can bring awareness to others in a similar situation.

It’s bigger than just Mr. Reyes, it’s an issue that affects many people throughout this area because there’s a lot of people out there that want to prey upon and take advantage of people that are in a vulnerable position.

Villalobos says there are many attorneys in the Rio Grande Valley who can provide legal assistance at a reasonable cost

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