Mission family seeks answers after three weeks of flooding, no drinking water

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MISSION, Texas (KVEO) —A Mission family is looking for answers after having no clean drinking water for almost three weeks.

Their road has been covered in caliche— a pebble-like mixture— by Hidalgo County to fill holes to help residents leave their homes when it floods.

It is also covered in run-off from the neighboring farms, and Torres whose lived in his home for 17 years said this has never happened.

“We asked the county if they could pump the water from our property to another place, but they said that they cannot do that,” said Torres. “They don’t know where to put the water.”

Torres showed KVEO with a measuring stick that the water in front of his home is between nine and ten inches tall and is worried it will start to flood inside the home.

County Commissioner of Precinct 3 Everardo Villarreal said that he is aware of the flooding.

“We’re really not getting the water out of that home. We are pretty much getting the water out of the field because those fields are the ones causing runoff to this home,” said Villarreal.

Villarreal said that it is natural run-off and there are few options available to help stop it.

“There [are] two fields next to each other in a low line area and you know it just gets flooded,” said Villarreal.

Villarreal said he does not know who owns the fields but that his lines are open to help.

“We do have some programs with our Hidalgo County service that we can get them a hotel, new clothing, and food if they decide to,” said Villarreal.

Shortly after interviewing Villarreal, Torres said that the County’s Sanitation Department went out to his home and asked them to send water samples back to their office to test for contamination.

Torres also said that they gave him mosquito tablets to help fight the mosquito and frog infestation from the flooding.

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