The Mission Consolidated Independent School District is working to make sure students stay healthy.

Craig Verley, Director of Public Relations and Marketing for the Mission Consolidated Independent School District said parents will see a new form to fill out when registering their students for the next school year.

“We’re partnering up with Virtual Care for Kids to provide the service that we’re hoping will be a good benefit for our families.”

According to Verley, the program will give students the opportunity to be seen through the telemedicine units that will be set up in the nurses’ office by a pediatrician in a matter of minutes, instead of waiting in waiting rooms.

Verley said the online telemedicine visits will be automatically billed to the child’s insurance company, just like a normal trip to the doctor. Texas Medicaid/CHIP plans shall be accepted. For most visits, the covered patients’ cost will be free.

Verley added that a handful of Mission CISD schools will be piloting the program in the spring with a complete rollout beginning the fall.