Mission CISD Special Olympics Bowling athletes win over 100 medals

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Mission CISD recently partnered with Area 1 Special Olympics Bowling to host one of five bowling tournaments in the Rio Grande Valley. (Photo courtesy Mission CISD)

Mission CISD recently partnered with Area 1 Special Olympics Bowling to host one of five bowling tournaments in the Rio Grande Valley. 

The tournament was held at Incredibowl Entertainment Center November 12-14. 

More than 500 athletes from Mission CISD, La Joya ISD, Sharyland ISD, Mission IDEA and Progreso ISD participated in this three-day event.

As a result of growth the Area 1 Special Olympics program is now having to host five tournaments throughout the RGV. 

According to a press release, the following are the results of the tournament:

Alton Elementary: 

Juan Flores (1st Place)
Anabel Ruiz (2nd Place)
John Castellon (2nd Place)
Olivia Perez (3rd Place)
Daniel Desiga (3rd Place)
Damien Navarro (3rd Place)
Miranda Gutierrez (4th Place)

Bryan Elementary:

Roy Anthony Garcia (1st Place)

Cantu Elementary:

Kimberly Arguello (1st Place)
Anthony Hinojosa (1st Place)
Ashley Cervantes (2nd Place)
Eduardo Maldonado (2nd Place)
Guillermo Maldonado (2nd Place)
Jacob Diaz (3rd Place)
Norberto Alvarez (4th Place)

Castro Elementary:

Yuleisy Esquivel (2nd Place)
Martin Dominguez (2nd Place)
Edwin Mendoza (3rd Place).

Cavazos Elementary: 

Raphael Agda (1st Place)
Brandon Garcia (1st Place)
Erick Macias (1st Place)
Emiliano Arias (2nd Place)
Angel Carrillo (2nd Place)
Lumidee Torres (3rd Place)

Mims Elementary: 

Ryan Lopez (1st Place)
Kattie Reyna (4th Place)

Leal Elementary:

Reymundo Acosta, (1st Place)
Angel Barriere (1st Place)
Mariano Salazar (1st Place)
Joshua Gaitan (2nd Place)
Diego Olvera (3rd Place)
Aiden Garza (4th Place)

O’Grady Elementary:

Edgar Trevino (4th Place)

Pearson Elementary:

Jacob Montelongo (1st Place)
Roman Cantu (2nd Place)
Octavio J. Nunez (2nd Place)
Jayden Valencia (3rd Place)
Adam Acosta (Participant Ribbon).

Salinas Elementary:

Nayely Hernandez (1st Place)
Gerardo Reyes (2nd Place)
Aaron Velasquez (2nd Place)
Ivan Pena (3rd Place)

Alton Memorial Jr. High: 

Yuridia Hernandez (2nd Place)
Jonathan Ramirez (2nd Place)
Angel Gaytan (3rd Place)
Raul Cervantes (4th Place)

K. White Jr. High:

Samuel Garza (1st Place)
Victor Mendoza (1st Place)
Gilbert Perez (1st Place)
Christian Olvera (2nd Place)
Edgar Hernandez (2nd Place)
Javier Lopez (2nd Place)
Lucero Ledezma (2nd Place)
Esmeralda Hernandez (2nd Place)
Alejandro Reyna (2nd Place)
Martin Chapa (3rd Place)
Christopher Munguia (3rd Place)
Angelica Villarreal (3rd Place)
Armando Flores (3rd Place)
Jose Vasquez (3rd Place)
Haley G. Serra (4th Place)
Ruby Tovar (4th Place)
Rosalinda Herrera (5th Place)
Christopher Cantu (5th Place)

Mission Jr. High: 

Yulitza Mendoza (2nd Place)
Miquela Ramos (2nd Place)
Nayleen Rodriguez (2nd Place)
Angel Torres (2nd Place)
Eduardo Bocanegra (3rd Place)
Stephanie Gomez (3rd Place)
Alexa Rubio (3rd Place)
Marco Mandujano (4th Place)
Michael Tinoco (4th Place)

Ralph Cantu Jr. High: 

Jesus Monroy (3rd Place)
Jose Perez (3rd Place)
Emiliano Ramos (3rd Place)
Roberto Quintanilla (3rd Place)
Anthony Gonzalez (4th Place)

Mission High School:

John Garza (1st Place)
Shila Gomez (1st Place)
Jacquelina A. Mata (1st Place)
Kacey Montoya (1st Place)
Blas Rodriguez (1st Place)
Julian Rodriguez (1st Place)
Jazzmin Villanueva (1st Place)
Seth Wiley (1st Place)
Ivan Adame (2nd Place)
Jacklyn Bernal (2nd Place)
Jesus Chavez (2nd Place)
Jacob Delgadillo (2nd Place)
Onesimo Guerrerro (2nd Place)
Nenetzin Martinez (2nd Place)
Rachel Navarro (2nd Place)
Bianelly Rodriguez (2nd Place)
Jesus Rodriguez (2nd Place)
Adrian Vasquez (2nd Place)
Marcus Eguia (3rd Place)
Sebastian Llamas(3rd Place)
Jacquelyn Porcayo (3rd Place)
Nathaniel Rodriguez (3rd Place)
Daniel Cristobal (4th Place)
Marcos Galaviz (4th Place)
Isabella Tiscareno (4th Place)
Anastacio Vasquez (4th Place)
Francisco Villalobos(4th Place)
Anabell Villarreal (4th Place)
Cesario Pena (5th Place)
Brandon Garza (5th Place)

Veteran’s Memorial High School:

Ashley Hernandez (1st Place)
Jamilee Hernandez (1st Place)
Oralis Padilla (1st Place)
Hayleen Pena (1st Place)
Alexis Ayala (1st Place)
Javier Patino (1st Place)
Nicolas Juarez (1st Place)
Mark Carrasco (2nd Place)
Tabitha Gallardo (2nd Place)
Jacqueline Flores (2nd Place)
Jamilee Hernandez (2nd Place)
Jesus Frankie Torres (2nd Place)
Luis Ramirez (2nd Place)
Hector Sanchez (2nd Place)
Emanuel Casas (2nd Place)
Jovanni Delgado (2nd Place)
Melinda Mata (3rd Place)
Kevin Cab (3rd Place)
Gerardo Obregon (3rd Place)
Allen Romero (3rd Place)
Angel Rivera (3rd Place)
Roberto Torres (3rd Place)
Raphael Diaz (5th Place)

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