MISSION, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Mission CISD is providing crossguard training to ensure all their students make their way safely to school. 

Kimberly De Leon is one of 42 cross guards learning the proper street rules. She said it is her first time receiving cross guard time. 

“When you are crossing little kids you don’t use any hand gestures you do everything verbally,” said De Leon. 

She said the training also helped her understand the precautions that are in place during different types of weather.

“To have a whistle and also about the umbrellas I didn’t know that when it is raining we are not allowed to use umbrellas because we hide and they can’t see us, we have to use raincoats or the panchos,” said De Leon.

Martin Castañeda, the Director of Safety and Security for Mission CISD said training like the crossguard training is necessary to ensure everyone is prepared for back to school.

“We do this every year at the beginning of the school year or prior to the beginning of the school year to make sure that we have enough staff available to help students cross,” said Castañeda.

On behalf of all crossguards, De Leon encourages drivers to be mindful of nearby school zones.

“Always be paying attention when they see that we do the gestures for them to stop ahead of time and not cross until they see the stop sign down and kids are completely out of the cross guard line,” said De Leon.

According to Castañeda, there will be another crossguard training session taking place for those who were not able to attend the first.