Mission Consolidated Independent School District is continuing their efforts to improve school security.

According to a press release, the Board of Trustees and administrators recently approved moving forward with developing security measures for entrances at a number of campuses that lack them.

“Over the years, the design needs of schools have changed as new threats and security issues come to light,” Superintendent Carol G. Perez explained in a press release. “We are looking at updating the entrances to a number of our older campuses in order to bring them up to date with the latest in access control systems.”

Mission CISD has increased the number of security officers in schools to include one at all elementary schools, according to the release. It states that the district has also focused on providing more support to address mental health issues through new Licensed Professional Counselors that at are on staff and available to students.

Along with security measures, employees continue to receive training beyond basic CPR and first aid. 

“There are key personnel trained in all schools and areas of operation. The more employees who get trained, the better prepared they will be to protect lives in a variety of situations,” said Martin Castaneda, Coordinator for Safety and Security, in a press release.

Castaneda adds that some of the training includes: Stop the Bleed, active shooter training and threat assessments and response.

Each year, the district completes at least nine fire drills, two lockdown drills, two severe weather drills, two shelter in place drills and two reverse evacuation drills.

According to the release, Mission CISD has a ‘United in Safety’ program that includes a reporting system that’s available 24 hours a day. The StayAlert hotline system allows you to report a variety of incidents such as, bullying, conflicts, vandalism and theft.