HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Harlingen police are asking for the public’s help in locating Laura Rodriguez-Trejo of San Benito. Police say Rodriguez-Trejo was last seen Sept. 24 at Garcia’s Lounge located at the corner of Commerce and Washington Streets, not far from Fair Park Boulevard.

Trejo’s family said she went out for the night nearly two weeks ago. She was at a friend’s house when they decided to visit Garcia’s Lounge. Later that night, Trejo texted Yvonne Rodriguez-Escobedo, her daughter, to come pick her up. Escobedo went to pick up her mother, but Trejo decided to stay.

Escobedo said her mother planned to go back to a friend’s house after the bar. “I said ok, well I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ll call you and I’ll pick you up after work. After that, I left. She said bye, I love you mija. Be careful when you get home.”, Escobedo said.

Escobedo said that was the last time she saw her mother. The next day, Sept. 25, Escobedo called the woman her mother was supposed to be with, but her mother wasn’t there. Escobedo said, “I called the lady the following day to ask what address I can go pick up my mom. And the lady said my mom wasn’t there. That my mom had stayed at the bar.”

Her mother still hadn’t shown up on Monday. Escobedo started calling family members to see if they had heard from her. None of the family had seen or heard from Trejo. Escobedo said that when her mother still hadn’t shown up on Tuesday, she went to the police.

“HPD, that same day, on Tuesday, they did take the missing report. They went ahead and started doing what they had to do,” Escobedo said.

Escobedo said it’s unusual to not hear from her mother for this long. She said it’s also out of the ordinary for her mother to not post anything online. Escobedo said, “And that’s what kind of has us like scared or worried because she hasn’t been on social media. And my mom is always posting things.”

Harlingen police told Escobedo they were checking surveillance cameras from nearby businesses.

Harlingen police said if you have any information on Laura Rodriguez-Trejo’s disappearance, call 956-216-5439 or Harlingen Crime Stoppers at 956-425-8477.

“That’s what I’m really hoping, that she just comes and knocks on the door, says hey, I’m good,” said Escobedo.