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Middle school reopens doors for students dealing with technical difficulties

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BROWNSVILLE, Texas (KVEO) — A middle school in Brownville has put a plan in place to let students experiencing technical difficulties return to school and others struggling with online learning.

Lucio Middle School in Brownsville opened its campus to seventh graders and have implemented protocols to make students, staff and parents feel safe.

Seventh grade teacher, Yazmin Moreno says students have been following the new rules. 

“As far as students, they’ve been doing very well. I’ve seen a couple of students joining us here on campus and they seem to be following protocol.” 

She has prepared for both students working online and in-person. 

“We are meeting on google meets and yes, so far, I’ve gotten a very good response as to students logging in and joining our classes,” said Moreno.

 Moreno adds she was comfortable at the school once she saw action from the administration. 

“As soon as I started seeing the implementations that the administration team started taking over, you know here at Lucio, it made me feel more comfortable,” said Moreno. 

Principal Chester Arizmendi said one of the things parents needed most was reassurance. 

“A lot of it was just reassurance and let them know that we do have a very good plan in place and that their child will be protected to the extreme,” he said. 

He thought of ways students could stay socially distant. 

“One of the [ideas that] came to mind was actually setting up a barrier,” said Arizmendi. “I got that idea when we were out shopping. So I said let’s put up in all the hallways. So everywhere around the campus, we have it separated.” 

Arizmendi said they are always willing to make changes to better enhance safety.

One of the reasons they chose to reopen was because of students who were having technical difficulties. 

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