WESLACO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Mid-Valley Airport celebrated its latest expansion with six new hangers that will house corporate jets. The new hangers are the newest addition to the airport in about 20 years.

Weslaco Mayor David Suarez told ValleyCentral the new hanger will not only improve air traffic but also the city’s economy.

“You see two big buildings that house three corporate jets in each building, so a total of six, and they are all leased,” Suarez said. “The intention was the indirect cause because they fly in here, they go to our hotels, our hotel tax will increase. The fuel sales here at the airport have grown so we see the exponential growth so it’s in the millions of dollars.”

The project cost $1.8 million with funding coming from a U.S. Economic Development Administration grant and the Weslaco EDC.

While all six new hangers have already been leased out, it is the first step for the city of Weslaco to expand the Mid-Valley Airport even more, including the runway.

“One of the things that is required in order to qualify under that transportation bill is you need to make sure you have expansions on hangers,” said Interim City Manager Martin Garza. “Then you have to have more air traffic in your airport and what we are doing here today is certainly taking care of that phase.”

The city is currently in the process of getting grant approval to add more hangers to the airport.