The number one port of entry in the nation for produce was blocked for eight hours on Monday. Mexican farmers protested at the Reynosa-Pharr International Bridge, keeping trucks from coming into the United States.

Protest signs on tractors, blocking commercial trucks from entering the U.S. Farmers from Tamaulipas demanding the Mexican government for better subsidies.

In consequence, letting no truck drivers come across into the United States. The port’s being empty is something rare to see from one of the busiest ports in the country.

“I have coworkers that have been there since the morning, waiting to enter but since it’s blocked, they can’t,” said Javier Martinez Rodriguez, a maquiladora truck driver.

Rodriguez says he was turned around and told he wouldn’t be able to enter Mexico through the bridge due to capacity and safety reasons.

“I was supposed to cross as soon as possible. Right now, with this, they turned me away and here I am,” said Rodriguez.

We spoke with several truck drivers that were in the same dilemma.

“We bring berries, avocados and tomatoes,” stated Maximino Ayala Camarena, a truck driver from Guanajuato.

Camarena says he crosses into the U.S. twice a week, bringing in produce into the country.

According to Camarena, the protesters made it public on Friday they would be doing this on Monday. However, he said Mexican officials didn’t act on time.

Monday’s demonstration is making it apparent how crucial the trade is between Mexico and the United States.

The blockade lasted several hours but traffic is flowing back to normal.