Mexican government creates safe zone for asylum seekers

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Dome tents (Source: KGBT Photo)

The Mexican Federal Government has installed four new dome tents by the asylum seekers encampment.

Hoping to relocate all the tents located on the Federal plaza over by the Rio Grande.

Representative for the Tamaulipas Institute for Migrants, Enrique Maciel, said the relocation is to improve the asylum seekers living conditions.

Carmen Ochoa, an asylum seeker from Honduras, just relocated her tent on Saturday.

Ochoa says Mexican officials told her and the rest of the migrants they could no longer be on the plaza.

Ochoa said, “Mexican officials picked up someone’s tent and threw it away while they were working.” 

She didn’t want it to happen to her, so she moved. She is now by her makeshift kitchen, made-out of wood that reclines on a tree.

Ochoa didn’t relocate underneath the new dome tents, which she says officials say it’s for their security.

Maciel says, these dome tents will benefit the migrants. They can be more comfortable, have access to portable water, bathrooms, showers, food, and on-site medics.

But Ochoa says security in the camps isn’t her only concern, it’s the rain.

Ochoa said, “because it’s flat and all dirt, it floods easily and gets muddy since there is no grass.”

According to Maciel, there are over 1,400 asylum seekers scattered throughout the camp. The dome tents can hold 2,500 and says this is for their good, and won’t interfere with how they are living now, but instead make it better.

The Federal plaza has been the central location for migrants and advocate groups helping the migrants.

Maciel says they have been working with local advocate groups, like Team Brownsville, to now move their food distribution underneath the dome tents.

For now, Ochoa says she will stay camped by her kitchen, along the Rio Grande, as it’s her only way to make money while she waits for an opportunity to enter into the United States.

According to Maciel, the Mexican federal government is working on getting a bigger location to accommodate the migrants in the future.

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