MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Food Patrol stopped by Los Compadres Mexican Buffet in McAllen and saw it was a great place with lots of food available as well as satisfied customers.

We also visited a tortilleria and panaderia in Alton that did not seem to do a good job covering its food.

The Food Patrol even received reports that some of its items grew mold.

Here’s what’s que rico and what’s que asco on this week’s Food 4 Thought!

Everyone’s dream must be coming true with a Mexican buffet.

Los Compadres buffet, located on 3412 N. 23rd St. in McAllen, has a lot of customers and they seemed happy with what they got out of this buffet.

The buffet scored well with its October 2 city health inspection report with zero violations – nothing out of compliance. It is a quality establishment with great stuff in its buffet.

“They’ll find all sorts of things, seafood, rice, beans,” Los Compadres worker Jacky Rodriguez told us.

We saw even more stuff. They’ve got all kinds of chips and salsa and shrimp. They’ve got everything!

Rodriguez tells us Sundays is the busiest day for the buffet.

Along with her many co-workers, Rodriguez takes great pride in their work, their restaurant and that perfect health inspection report.

She says it takes work and team effort.

That’s que rico!

Now it’s que asco time!

We checked out Tortilleria y Panaderia Flores located on 303 S. Alton Blvd. in Alton.

It had a score of ten with some glaring out of compliance items on its September 26 health inspection report.

The report listed that tomato was in the refrigerator with mold, items in the freezer were not covered and a bag of shrimp that was not closed.

The owner, David Flores, told us over the phone that it was his place’s first inspection. He says all corrective actions have been taken.

“What was missing regarding the food, all that is already resolved,” Flores said.

So we checked it out ourselves. The Food Patrol noticed many of the caps were not on the containers around the establishment.

We saw a lot of the lids were still open in the refrigerator and the foil didn’t go over the edge on this pan.

Restaurant employee Sonia Castro explained what the problem with covering the food was.

“We are working with new staff. Sometimes, we explain new things to them. Like that day they inspected and found the tomato. I had explained it all to the girl,” Castro said.

The Food Patrol did see the tomatoes did not have mold.

We also noticed beverages and bottles on the floor.

“They tell me to put everything on top. But now, one of these is at the bottom. They want them to be put there, but the customers come and some ladies with their walkers,” Castro said.

She showed us that she needed certification – but she still wants her store to do better on her next food health inspection report.

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