Mexican blockade halts trade and commerce International Ports of Entry, officials say

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Pharr, Texas (KVEO)—Mexican blockade halts trade and commerce at international ports of entry, according to officials.

City officials expressed their concerns on Thursday through a statement of a situation that is currently blocking both northbound and southbound traffic on the Mexican side of the International Port of Entry.

The statement says approximately 150 Mexican protesters are currently blocking access to the Pharr Bridge with agricultural tractors and machinery.

As a result of the protest and blockage, commercial traffic is being diverted to surrounding ports of entry.

“Pharr officials will continue to monitor the situation, and urge everyone to avoid the area and seek alternate means of travel to and from Mexico until the situation is resolved.” said the statament.

Pharr officials say sources confirmed that the Pharr International Bridge is not the only port of entry being targeted.

“Mexican protestors are targeting all ports of entry and all major trade corridors along the South Texas Mexico border.” said the statement.

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