Mercedes Will Drain Again

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It was one of the most devastating events in recent Rio Grande Valley history. It left behind millions of dollars worth of damages and some are becoming frustrated that not enough is being done to prevent a future disaster.

It was one of the Valley’s most devastating floods. Some areas experiencing over 15 inches rain. Many parts of the Rio Grande Valley are still recovering, but some are getting frustrated that despite the helpp, not enough is being done to prepare the region for future rains.

Over the past weeks we’ve met groups such as Make Weslaco Drain Again and now Mercedes Will Drain

Again. They hold local officials accountable for the lack of preparation. In some cases asking for the resignation of various city employees. We reached out to community leaders to find out what plan if any, is in the works.

Sergio Zavala, Mercedes City Manager says, “Not just for Mercedes but for a lot of other communities. The event was extra ordinary. Having a 500 year storm does not happen every year but we have to get better prepared for the next one.”

The Great June Floods was a wake up call for the entire region. It prompted increased preparation for the next time heavy rains hit. For the future, the city manager says they’re in the process of acquiring vehicles to transport people or materials as needed.

“Actually I’ll be taking that to city commission on Tuesday for ratification. I made the call, I made the call to secure and explain the money for it. Initially it was $7,500 which was very impressive. It’s now $6,000.” says Zavala.

Right now local officials across the Valley are working together with FEMA for post storm relief. The city manager says the help, the planning, the preparedness are not over.

“When we meet weekly and we follow up. Things get done. Things do not fall through the cracks. The next commissioner’s meeting will be held this upcoming Tuesday and the city manager plans to discuss the emergency response vehicle.

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