Christmas is less than seven weeks away. The holiday is known as a time for giving, but Mercedes taxpayers are not excited about giving their money to pay for a $107,000 city Christmas tree. 

“I believe spending $107,000 on a Christmas tree is not too good of an idea,” Mercedes resident, Senovio Ramirez said. 

Another resident chose to speak out anonymously saying, “Waste of money. The city is not big enough to spend that much money on a Christmas tree.” In return, we asked the resident, “Where would you like to see that money spent here in the city?” The resident said, “to fix the drainage.”

CBS 4 paid a visit to city hall waiting to speak with the city manager, Sergio Zavala, about the resident’s concern, but we didn’t have any luck. He had no time for an on camera interview Thursday. 

City Commissioner Jose Gomez did release a statement to CBS 4 that reads, “Yes, the city did purchase a $107,000 Christmas tree.”

Residents say they wish commissioners would have made a more responsible decision. 

“They did not have to spend that much on the Christmas tree and used the extra money to buy food for families or throw a festival,” Mercedes resident, Santa Barron said. 

Ramirez’s main concern involves city improvements, “There’s a lot of alleys and highways that need to be cleaned up mowed and all the garbage picked up, so I don’t think it was a great idea,” he stated.

The LED Christmas tree was approved in 2018 under former city commissioners in place 2 and place 4.