Mercedes residents ask city for answers after brush piles sit for over a month

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MERCEDES, Texas (KVEO) — Mercedes residents say another month approaches that their brush and bulk trash has not been picked up, and they want answers.

“We actually had brush from down the street and down this way from 4th Street float into my yard and it’s still there,” said Laura Alvarado, a Mercedes resident.

Alvarado said that the brush is a potential flood hazard, but when the waste company is not consistent in picking up all the brush.

“In this area, it’s been a month and a half, to two months, last time that they picked it up they did not pick up all of the items that was left,” said Alvarado.

The monthly charge for trash services in the city is $4.50, according to Alvarado, and she says she wants to know what the money is being used for.

“If you take that amount and you times it by how many houses or areas they pick up from a month—it starts adding up,” said Alvarado.

Waste Connections of Texas is the contracted waste service with the city of Mercedes, and the City is divided into four different sections. Alvarado said she is located in zone three, but she said they when she asks for answers, she told KVEO that city managers and representatives have not been accessible.

The city’s manager gave KVEO the schedule for Waste Connection’s schedule—Perez said that section 3, Alvarado’s section, will be caught up by July 18.

Perez said they will not pick up brush or bulk that has construction materials mixed in with it, such as concrete or lumber.

Perez explained that due to the freeze, in June of 2021 there were 569 tons of brush picked up, which is more than that was left by Hurricane Hanna. Due to the spike in the brush, Perez said that the city had to expand the amount of brush and bulk pick-up in Waste Connection’s contract with the city.

Perez said that if anyone has an issue to call Mercedes’s city hall at (956) 565-3114.

Courtesy City of Mercedes; Amount of hauls for brush and bulk pick up from Waste Connections

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