Mercedes expressway floods, TxDOT says ‘inlets were clogged’

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MERCEDES, Texas (KVEO) — The expressway between Mile 2 and Vermont Avenue in Mercedes flooded on Tuesday and TxDOT Public Information Officer, Octavio Saenz told KVEO it was due to drainage clogging.

“Our people had to go out there and physically get a stick and feel where the inlet was to see if it was stuck or not and take out all the material that was making it clog,” Saenz said.

TxDOT found “cardboard, plastic bags, and fast food wrappers” in the drainage.

According to Hidalgo County Drainage District No. 1 General Manager, Raul Sesin, the county has to look at the infrastructure of the expressways as well.

“Many are probably not to the level these rain events are,” said Sesin.

However, Sesin has met with the TxDOT Executive Director, Deputy Director, and Chairman before to discuss increased funding for expressway improvements, but he was told, “No, wait until the flood infrastructure fund comes out, and maybe through that you can get funding.”

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