MERCEDES, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The City of Mercedes received over $3 million from the American Rescue Plan.

The city said the money will be used to help their infrastructure, expand broadband services, drainage improvements, and its school district.

Congressman Vicente Gonzalez said he hopes the broadband expansion will not only help Mercedes but all of South Texas.

“We learned in these last couple of years how important it was to be connected to the internet to work, to find work, to be able to visit with your doctor, and to be able for our children to attend school.” 

Mercedes Mayor Oscar Montoya said they are upgrading places close to home for those who protect the community. 

“The other thing we voted on is the police department. The one we have right now is non-operational. It’s full of mold, it has all types of problems, it has no evidence bin, and everything it makes shifts,” said Montoya. 

Montoya added the city got its allocation last year but did not receive money until this year. The city is now hoping to put infrastructure issues to rest but officials are asking for patience. 

“We’re hoping to get underway pretty soon. We bought some equipment that should get it going. We bought some sweeping equipment. We bought some grappling so that way we can pick up trash we didn’t have before,” said Montoya.

City officials said they are hoping these projects will get underway within the next month.