MERCEDES, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Mercedes Police initiated an investigation of a home connected to a string of burglaries on July 21, but the burglary investigation shifted into a human smuggling investigation when officers found over 30 undocumented immigrants in the residence.

The house located at the 600 block of South Washington was found to be a stash house, according to Mercedes Police Sgt. Frank Sanchez.

“When investigators arrived, they started doing the investigating, the questioning, and everything. It led them to find that there were people inside the residence…undocumented people inside,” said Sanchez.

Among the 30 found in the home were one child and a newborn, according to Sanchez.

“We ended up finding out that inside the house there was a combination of females, males, children, some juveniles,” he said.

Sanchez said some of the women claimed to be pregnant.

“We checked their well-being right away to see if they have eaten and whatnot. We called Border Patrol,” he said.

The immigrants were searched and transferred for processing.

Three suspects were arrested on site including two men and one woman, according to Sanchez.

One man was charged with human smuggling and possession of a controlled substance.

During the bust, two vehicles were seized.

Sanchez said the police department had a search warrant for the home.

He said the items they were initially searching for in connection with recent burglaries were found in the home and returned to the owners.