HIDALGO COUNTY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Two men were arrested after travelling to the Rio Grande Valley from Michigan to buy and transport cocaine, documents revealed.

Walter Lee Houze and Jose Taurus Burks were arrested on possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, according to federal records.

A criminal complaint stated that onTuesday, May 9, Houze and Burks arrived at a Border Patrol Checkpoint in Sarita in a Volkswagen Tiguan.

The vehicle was referred for a secondary inspection and a K-9 alerted agents to the rear area of the SUV.

While searching the vehicle, agents say they found 31.4 pounds of a white, powdery substance, which tested positive for cocaine. The drugs were found in a black suitcase “intermingled with clothing and laundry detergent beads,” the complaint stated.

Houze and Burks were placed under arrested and Houze asked the agent who “ratted.”

While being interviewed, Burks said that he travelled to South Texas from Michigan to help purchase and transport cocaine with Houze. He said they were at a house in Hidalgo County earlier that week when they purchased the cocaine.

Houze declined to provide any statements, according to the complaint. Detention hearings for the two men were scheduled for Friday.