Mechanics warn for potential car damage due to COVID-19

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HARLINGEN, Texas- As stay at home orders continue throughout the Valley, less cars are on the streets. Which means less people are taking their vehicle out for a spin.

It’s normal that your car is sitting outside your home or parked in your garage. Especially during the COVID-19 stay at home orders, but it can come with potential damage.

Automotive Service Manager Randy Taylor at Boswell Elliff Ford said it’s not good to leave your car unattended for a long period of time. 

“The battery will eventually go dead, there are systems in a vehicle that stay on all the time, if it’s a weak battery let’s say you went outside two weeks later and it’s the first time you want to start the car, it may not start.”

In order to prevent any costly mechanical problems, Taylor said the solution is as easy at turning on your car and taking it out for a ride. 

“Just go outside and start it and let it run for about 15 to 20 minutes, get everything, all the systems up to normal operating temperature, maybe drive around the block a little bit just to keep things moving and functioning properly.”

Taylor also recommends checking on your tire pressure and oil service, but also stresses the importance of maintenance for what he calls a costly investment. 

“For some people it’s their biggest investments other than a house, if you look at the price of vehicles today it’s obviously very important to keep up with your maintenance and to protect your investment.”

Most mechanical shops remain open during the pandemic, considering they are essential businesses. 

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