MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Texas state Rep. Bobby Guerra, D-McAllen, has filed bills in the 88th Legislative Session to diversify energy production and demand price transparency for concert ticket buyers and life insurance policies for the elderly.

“The bills are part of my robust legislative package intended to advance the priorities and improve the lives of my constituents in the Rio Grande Valley and the residents of our great state of Texas,” Guerra stated Monday. “These bills are especially aimed to support and improve our energy infrastructure, help small businesses and consumers, and increase price transparency.”

In this 88th Legislative Session, Guerra aims to make the production of geothermal energy in Texas a top priority. The filing of HCR 30 explains how geothermal energy could create new job opportunities for Texans while maintaining carbon-free, renewable and sustainable.

Two bills filed Friday target the fees associated with buying concert tickets or renting a home for a short amount of time.

With House Bills 1496 and 1497 Guerra is pushing for transparency when consumers shop for art performance tickets and short-term rental properties to ensure they are not paying more than 10% of the base ticket price in additional fees.  

Also filed Friday was HB 1495, which asks the state to evaluate the feasibility of leasing state-owned spaces to artists for rehearsals and performances. The bill is based on a study about leasing state property for private use.

“As our musicians, actors and artists know, it is getting harder and harder to rent space for performances and rehearsals because property costs are skyrocketing,” Guerra stated. “At the same time, the state owns property with spaces, like the auditorium at the State Capitol, that could be used for performances.”

After speaking with two elderly constituents who learned that their life insurance policy had an automatic loan provision clause that drained their $10,000 plan to practically nothing, HB 1498 was filed.

The bill increases transparency in life insurance policy contracts to protect the elderly.