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The city of McAllen took down a number of stoplights around town a few months back and residents in one of those areas are feeling the effects – and seeing the accidents that it might’ve caused. (Source: KGBT Photo) 

The city of McAllen took down a number of stoplights around town a few months back. Residents in one of those areas are feeling the impacts and seeing the accidents that it might’ve caused. 

On any given day, Hackberry Avenue sees hundreds, if not thousands, of cars pass through, but residents say that now that the stoplight is gone, it’s become car crash central. 

“I don’t know why they took the light off and it’s just a concern. We really want it back,” Nancy de la Garza, a neighborhood resident, said.

For many drivers, taking Hackberry is a quicker way to get around peak traffic. But after the city took down the stoplight at 6th Street, more and more residents in the surrounding neighborhood are raising their concerns. 

“I live off of Hackberry so the stoplight was removed a few months ago and I want to say that it’s every few weeks or so that there’s a big accident,” de la Garza said. 

Since January, TXDOT’s Crash Records Information System shows seven accidents at that intersection alone. 

For de la Garza, the stoplight used to provide a necessary precaution for drivers. 

Now, she and other members of the community are hoping to draw attention to the issue. 

“At this point, we’re trying to get the community involved and letting other people that I know that live in the area or that work in the area. I have a couple friends where it’s like, ‘Hey, did you see that accident?” she said.

We asked the city for comment, but did not receive a statement in time for this story.

“It’s a big concern, it’s one of those things where I live directly off of this main street. So it’s hard for me to avoid the intersection but every time I’m passing by, I’m hoping that I’m not going to get hit by a car,” de la Garza said. 

The city has said in the past that the removal of these stoplights was meant to improve traffic flow across McAllen. 

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