MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — On Monday, multiple business owners attended a McAllen City Commissioner’s workshop to hear the city’s response about possible regulations for pop-up markets.

“I would like to know, how and why these restrictions come about?” said Janelle, a small business owner who signed up for public comment. “Why are we limited to only four markets per address per year considering we have 365 days in a year. Is there any way we can somehow compromise? The city and the small business community?”

McAllen has proposed to limit pop-up markets to four per address per year on top of a $100 permit fee. The host will have to pay each time they host an event.

Other small business owners said pop-up markets are where they make most of their revenue and believe the proposed regulations are restrictive.

“That does not leave us anything to do, you don’t remember a place that you’ve only been to four times a year,” said one public speaker and business owner.

McAllen City Manager Roel Rodriguez said the city found that the pop-up markets were in violation of an ordinance that prohibits outdoor sales.

“That’s the reason it came to the workshop because currently, an ordinance prohibits this type of activity,” said Rodriguez.

Another reason the city brought up pop-up markets onto the workshop’s agenda is due to some markets being too close to residential areas, said Rodriguez.

“So this is something that’s very important to us. However, we have to balance it we want these folks to have these pop-up markets, we want them to succeed but we have to ensure we are protecting neighborhoods,” said Rodriguez.

In the city’s presentation, they mentioned some hosts charge up to $100 per vendor to set up, however, the audience protested that point. Some said they have never paid that much before.

Right now it is not clear when they will vote on the ordinance, according to Rodriguez, however, it is still up for discussion.

“We are going to continue to work on this, the key here, the most important point is that we’re having this discussion so that they can continue,” said Rodriguez.